So, this digital VU meter: what is it and why do you need it? well, you know very well what a VU meter is for if you are in music. A VU (volume unit) meter is a tool that is used to measure the signal volume. And that’s it. These digital audio VU meters: why do I need them? – you might think. Let us check then why you might need them.

this digital vu meter

What Is a VU Meter and How It Works

When a signal goes through it, the VU meter shows the level of the signal. And in music mixing, the VU meter shows the mix level. You cannot mix everything in music. It is always good to have some reasonable limits. A VU meter shows you where these limits are. Usually, a 0VU is the mentioned border. It is ok to increase the mix level slightly over that, but it is not ok to over-exceed. Click here 3D HD Gear

As well, this digital VU meter helps you to calibrate the result. It helps you to see whether the music is of desired volume and its loudness.

Principles of Use

If you want your VU meter work accurately, don’t forget to calibrate it. this digital VU meter works properly, in general, it can be useful only if you calibrate it. For that, select the nominal operating level. Usually, it is 0VU. Keep signal peaks under -6dB. And the average level of the sound signal should stay at -20dB. So, if you keep the nominal level at -20, you will get a good headroom amount, which allows eliminating any digital distortions.

Rich high-frequency sounds might not influence this digital VU meter at all, and this is ok. However, for bass calibration, a VU meter is needed. Bass sounds have so much energy, so, your VU meter will respond to them practically immediately. Use a peak meter with your VU meter, then, you will get a wonderful result.

For example, if you introduce sub-bass, you might not hear it at all in a room, because of many reasons. However, on a stage, its absence or presence will have a huge impact on the general impression. And here is when a VU meter helps you enormously. It will show you whether you need to add more sub-bass or that’s ok like you have done it.

Are You Still Thinking?

Check out these external VU meters, they are a real gift for digital musicians! With them, you just create the sound effects that you want. Don’t get lost in sophisticated super complex tools that basically give the same result. And make sure you have selected a reliable provider.

They offer amazing solutions for both beginners and professionals, for those who know the equipment well and for those, who are just starting their way as musicians. All kinds of VU meters, accompanying equipment, along with a short guide. And whenever you have an issue or a question, don’t hesitate to call the customer support or drop a message.